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Our Shows:

Monday: 7:00pm

  • A topic discussed on air with the host alone.
  • Welcoming and Closing Songs.

Thursday: 7:00pm

  • An interview with a significant local community member.
  • Welcoming and Closing Songs.
  • A discussion after the interview, about it.

Sunday: 7:00pm

  • A bible study discussion, studying one topic from the Bible.
  • Welcoming and Closing Songs.




I am a young, fifteen year-old boy, who had a passion for podcasts and radio shows. I have made several attempts in the past to start up a podcast with no listener interaction. So, I’ve began CK Talks; a local radio produced in Chatham-Kent that is available for anyone around the world!


CK Talks is a podcast, produced in Chatham-Kent that discusses a variety of topics, ranging from politics to sports, news to religion. We cover any topic that the listeners want!


The CK Talks radio show doesn’t need or use a studio, because we produce all of our podcasts out of our personal home!


Of course all of our podcasts are available twenty-four-seven, but you can listen live at 7pm on Sunday, Monday and Thursday nights!


There really is no why to explain. CK Talks is being produced to help those in the community who want or need to listen to something. Sometimes a podcast can help us cool off after a bad day at work or even help us to cool off when the family is getting on our nerves. We aren’t doing this for us, we’re doing it for you!


    How? It’s simple; internet and online programs such as Spreaker that help us produce our podcasts. Anyone can do it, really!